Millbrook Fuel Depot is a single source coal merchant for all your home heating needs all year around. We offer a great choice at a great price from our large range of Coals, Firewood and Briquettes. Our store yard is located in Farrankelly, Delgany, Co. Wicklow. We stock smokeless coal, stove coal, briquettes, hardwood logs, kindling, kiln dried ashwood and more.

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We are a premium solid fuel supplier, and have one of the best ranges of quality products from Irish suppliers. With Bord Na Mona Briquettes and Hayes Coal, we endeavour to deliver our customers a quality product.


Kindling from Kiln Dried Logs Price is €6 per large bag Our bags of kindling are perfect for starting your perfect fire. Whichever blend of fuel products are your favourite, rest assured, our kindling will help you get the blaze going. Price is €6 per large bag for the Winter 2020 season. [...]

Hayes Lignite Briquettes

Hayes Lignite Briquettes Price per bale is €4.50 3 bales is €13.00 Packed in a handy size 10kg bale which is wrapped and barcoded for your convenience. Hayes Lignite briquettes will burn into a fine ash and can be used in open fires or closed appliance stoves. Price per bale is €4.50 or 3 for [...]

Bord Na Mona Briquettes

Bord na Móna Peat Briquettes Price per bale is €5.00 3 bales is €14.00 Our smokeless peat briquettes have been Ireland’s favourite solid fuel for over 60 years. Made from 100% natural products, they are just as suitable for open fires as for stoves, and are easy to light. Bord na Móna’s peat briquettes have [...]

Supacite Smokeless Coal

Hayes Supacite Smokeless Coal. Supacite coal is manufactured smokeless ovoid coal in an oval shape that burns to a fine ash. Ovoid coal is designed for closed fires and is an excellent choice for stoves. Our Tip For Stove Owners: Combine this coal with our kiln dried firewood for a rich combination of lasting [...]

Calco Flame Smokeless Coal

Calco Flame Smokeless Coal. This coal is a Pet. Coke and nugget mix which provides high heat at an economy price. Suitable for open fires only. Our Tip: Combine this coal with our kindling and Bord Na Mona Peat Briquettes for a combination of high heat and a lasting fire. Price per bag in [...]

Kiln Dried Logs 40Ltr Bags

Kiln Dried Logs 40Ltr Bags Price per bag is €6.00 Our Kiln Dried Hardwood products are sustainably sourced, ideal for stoves (as well as being suitable for chimeneas and open fires), and contain less than 20% moisture. This carbon neutral fuel source has a high heat output, long burn time and low ash for steady and [...]

Kiln Dried Logs 0.9m Crate

Kiln Dried Logs 0.9m Crate. The benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood and Logs are numerous. With less than 20% moisture content, they have a high heat output compared to fresh cut firewood. Our Firewood can be used in Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel Stoves or Open Fires. This product is for home delivery only and [...]