Surelite Smokless Coal

Surelite Coal. €13 per 20kg bag Surelite ( Stove Fuel ) generates excellent heat and leaves behind very little ash. It combines all the traditional qualities of a real fire, is slow burning and offers real value for money but it’s also low in ash and very efficient.

Supacite Smokeless Coal

Hayes Supacite Smokeless Coal. Supacite coal is manufactured smokeless ovoid coal in an oval shape that burns to a fine ash. Ovoid coal is designed for closed fires and is an excellent choice for stoves. Our Tip For Stove Owners: Combine this coal with our kiln dried firewood for a rich combination of lasting [...]

Calco Flame Smokeless Coal

Calco Flame Smokeless Coal.This coal is a Pet. Coke and nugget mix which provides high heat at an economy price. Suitable for open fires only.Our Tip: Combine this coal with our kindling and Bord Na Mona Peat Briquettes for a combination of high heat and a lasting fire.Price per bag in our depot is €10.00 [...]

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