Firewood works at its best when it is kept dry and properly protected from the elements. Moist blocks of firewood will struggle to burn efficiently in your fireplace or stove.

Here at Millbrook Fuels, we preserve our patented kiln dried firewood logs in order to reduce moisture content to below 20%. In tip top condition, this type of firewood will trump regular firewood in nearly every department.

To keep them fresh and dry, we store our bags and crates of dried firewood in our massive warehouse. We run a tight schedule to maximise space and easily find what is needed. If necessary, we will bound our bags of firewood with plastic to add an extra layer of protection.

milbrook fuels loading kiln dried firewood for delivery

When the time comes to pack the bags for delivery, we load them onto our paving trucks. These trucks are best equipped when it comes to offloading deliveries over obstacles or hard to reach homes.

We provide all of our customers with weatherproof covers no matter what the elements throw at us. If indoor storage is too inconvenient, you can store your firewood safely outside. Do keep in mind that heavy rain can still pose a risk to your logs becoming damp, which will affect their burning capabilities until dry again.

We glady offer a refill service for our entry 40 litre bags to encourage our customers to be eco-friendly, so preserve them for as long as you can.

Millbrook Fuels guarantee the greatest care of our products, so our customers can experience the joys of a top quality fire in the home.